Wayne Brunjes

More than 20 years of successful experience in the field of graphic arts, working primarily with advertising and graphic agencies, marketing and multimedia groups.

My background has been one of ever increasing technical abilities. These technical skills have served to enhance my creativity and open my mind to ever increasing possibilities. This has aided me greatly in being able to lead and teach others, improve production work flows and develop new procedures. I have been the lead graphic artist for many high-profile corporate projects, for corporations such as Lucas Films Ltd, Kmart, John Deer, Ford, Chrysler, Nisan, Volkswagen , Pfizer, AT&T and the Department of Defense. I have aslo worked with many national publications such as USA Today.

As a Media Designer for Internet, Intranet and Multimedia projects, I improve corporate internet and intranet interfaces by providing a more streamlined less cluttered design in accordance to an end users mental model. I design user interfaces representing and reinforcing corporate branding. Create interactive on line help and tutorial files as well as create interactive on line educational courses that allow the end user to quickly comprehend and utilize their new knowledge.

My work in retail advertising, being responsible for the design, creation, building and releasing of multi-page circulars and direct mail pieces, special promotional materials and presentations for Corporation executives. I am well accustomed to producing the highest quality work when deadlines are at their tightest.